Some Common Reasons People Seek Counseling


Addiction is a very complex issue and affects many people. Instead of using strictly traditional models of intervention, often a Harm Reduction approach is most useful. Harm Reduction includes a set of practical strategies that reduce negative consequences of addictions, incorporating a range of client generated goals from safe usage to managed use to abstinence. This approach can be effective with many maladaptive behaviors from substance abuse to video game addiction.

Anger Management

Anger is not a bad thing! Having a full range of emotions (including anger) is one of our traits that sets us apart from other animals. To be angry is to be human. Unfortunately, many people have learned to express anger in ineffective ways.   Emotions have a purpose and can provide valuable feedback. Learn how to use anger in a productive way and to resolve conflicts effectively.


Anxiety is an emotional-physiological state that causes a person to feel uneasy, apprehensive, or fearful. A person with anxiety might be described as being tense, worried, or on the edge. This feeling is a common response to stress and can sometimes produce physical symptoms. It is a natural experience that informs a person of a vulnerability to be addressed. Fighting the anxiety or having anxiety about the anxiety can produce yet even more stress. Instead, a person can learn to accept and use anxiety’s message and thus reduce the perpetual anxiety state.  It’s also helpful to incorporate practices that promote a healthier nervous system such as exercise, meditation, and proper diet and sleep habits.


Every relationship has conflict. At times couples need help with effective communication that is necessary for conflict resolution.   Counseling can provide a safe space, structure, and procedure for communication. Once effective communication is established couples can better understand each other’s needs, learn how to compromise, uncover underlying issues, and strengthen the relationship.


In it’s natural state, sadness passes as everything else will.  Accepting the sadness allows a person to move through the pain and onward to other states more naturally. Pain is often necessary for growth.  But suffering is becoming stuck in pain by not fully honoring and using it. Learn how to accept sadness and pain while reducing the suffering.  Additionally, strengthen your emotional baseline by retraining thoughts and behaviors.

Family Counseling

Families will experience difficulties. Sometimes it is helpful to seek professional support to best address these difficulties. Family counseling can provide a safe space to explore the complex dynamics of the family system. Underlying issues and ineffective patterns can be identified.  Strengths, solutions, and assets can be better utilized.

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