Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Policy

Due to current conditions caused by the coronavirus I am currently only providing telehealth. Telehealth is a service that uses technology to provide services from a distance without having to meet in-person. Video chatting and phone calls are the current options, whereas messaging or live texting are not. I’ve been providing telehealth since 2011 and find it perfectly fine for all services I provide. But the option for in-person session will likely return in the future for those that prefer it.

The majority of states (including Missouri in which I am licensed) have passed telehealth “Parity Laws” that require private insurers to cover remote sessions similar to in-person sessions. Many 3rd party payers have been reimbursing telehealth for quite some time. Many of the insurance plans and EAPs that previously did not allow telehealth as a covered service are currently allowing it during current conditions.  I am in-network for most commercial insurances and EAPs in the mid-Missouri area. If you are concerned about coverage we can discuss financials.

Telehealth has increasingly become a valuable option for many people for a variety of reasons. Pros and cons of telehealth can be found on the Telehealth Informed Consent form that is required before starting. Video chatting is preferred rather than just a voice call and in some cases the only option. If you are unable or unwilling to use video chatting or a phone call for sessions we can discuss what you can do.

Google Meet is used for video chatting unless your insurance or 3rd party payer prefers a different platform. Google Meet is a secure app-based service that is free to you, uses little resources, and is quick and easy to use.  Please download and test the app well before your first time using it for our sessions.  You will need to create a Google account if you don’t have one already but you can use any email that you already use if you don’t want to use Gmail. If a different platform is needed we will discuss the details.

Be sure your correct email is on file with me. This is how a link to our video chat will be sent.  If you have any payment responsibility such as a co-pay, the invoice will also be sent to your email on file.

The no-show policy continues to be in effect.  A $25 charge for less than a 48 hour notice of cancelation is applied except if there is an emergency or an illness in which there is evidence including but not limited to a doctor’s note. 

Useful Resources:

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COVID-19 Hotline: 877-435-8411

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